About Chris.

We are based in North Devon not far from Tiverton. We moved from Bristol weeks before the COVID Lockdown of 2020 and have renovated/converted the garage into a lovely workshop for me.

I have always had an interest in making stuff and remember a childhood of Lego, Meccano, VIC20 Programming, Whittling and raising hell in Dad’s garage.

But I guess I really started to show a interest in woodworking when my family bought a Mirror Sailing Dinghy and with my Dad spent a winter giving her some much needed TLC for the next sailing season.

A few years later I was ‘almost’ gifted Cherub 702. She was a wooden high performance sailing dinghy designed in Australia. I spent many weeks stripping, sanding and servicing her ready for the water. Sadly, I sold her during my ‘crazy’ twenties but I still hold a fondness for her.

My first turning

Craft Design and Technology (CDT) were my favourite lessons in school where I would regularly be found during lunch time undertaking some poorly thought out project or another.

In my later years at school I had the opportunity to do a Polymer Technology Experience Course learning about making plastics, rubbers and composites. This led me to becoming an Apprentice with Avon Industrial Polymers upon leaving school. I didn’t complete the Apprenticeship but have retained an interest in Polymers and Resins.

Apparently the pot (shown above) was my first ever wood turning and would have been completed in the late 80s / early 90s although I don’t remember it.

In March 2019 I do remember completing a 5 day wood turning course at the Axminster Skill Centre with Colwin Way. I can only put the progress I made as a turner in the short time since is down to his excellent tutorage and enthusiasm.

I would recommend anyone wishing to take up this wonderful craft to get some hands on tuition.

During my adult life I have been: a cycle mechanic; a sound engineer in the music industry; to university and completed a computer science degree; a rock climbing instructor; a secondary school teacher; a self-employed website/software developer and most recently an electrician.

As a teacher I was always interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and the Makers movement but never had the time. My Byte Insight website is now the home for many of the computing related resources I created during those 13 years.

In 2016 when I had the opportunity to work for myself I was determined to spend a few more hours in the workshop. It might not work out like this every week way but I feel the future is bright!

The joy of exploring new ideas can mean I have periods of looking confused and disconcerted, hence discombobulated, but this are just the paths and footsteps of creativity.

When I’m not making things and being creative I’m trying to keep all other business threads alive, do that smallholder thing of grow vegetables, raise animals and keep the garden triffids at bay.

I’m a keen kitesurfer, cyclist and enjoy long walks with my wife and our dog Ada.