The Salbany OS Nuc


The Salbany OS is an evolution of all the previous designs and returns to the original Salbany shape aimed at thin wall and thick wall hives.



The Salbany OS Nuc is an evolution of all the previous designs and returns to the original Salbany shape.  Fitted to the outside, it can be used on both thin wall and thick (insulated) hives with the optional oak tube.  For 2023 the Salbany OS has a round opening and will be supplied with a cork.   The Oak Tube is not included as standard.  The NUC version incorporates an island and is aimed at Nucleus Hives & Bait Boxes but could also be used in Supers which typically see less traffic than the main Brood.  The island offers an additional defensive barrier meaning fewer Bees can successfully defend the colony.

The portal has the upside down entrance where bees arrive at the top and enter downwards.   The slot gap has been increased to 8mm to reduce the risks of losing pollen as bees pass via the dog leg entrance.   The upper atrium still creates the false entrance for wasps and robbers and still provides an easy to defend entrance for the bees.  Watch how easily bees move in and out the hive in this short video of a normal Salbany OS.

They are sustainably hand made using either locally sourced timber or offcuts from a trusted local timber supplier.  Typical woods include: Oak, Beech, Ash, Iroko and Sapele and, of course, Cedar.

Sold with stainless screws and a cork.   We would recommend the hole into the hive is 25mm (1in) for standard insulation and 35mm for insulation with a passage tube.  You may also decide to treat your portals prior to installation to extend their lifespan.  For more advice on installation check out our information page.

Optional Extra – 60-65mm oak tube to provide passage through insulation such as wood chippings or cork.

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60mm (2.5")


60mm (2.5")


8.5mm (0.34in)


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