The Salbany Mega


Standard Baffle Entrance for Bees. Placed on the inside. Made from wood.

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The Salbany Mega is just like the Standard Salbany but BIGGER!

It is without an island and given its size we think its most suited to supers on established and healthy colonies.

Rather than a single large entrance the Bees are provided with a number across the whole hive allow access to all areas of the hive and reducing congestion at important times.

The depth of the entrance channel is such that Bees can bridge the gap closing the entrance with Propolis.   They use round entrances which are easier for fewer Bees to guard.

The classic arrangement recommended by inventor, Filipe Salbany, is three in an inverted triangle on the Brood Box with one or two being placed into every super.

They are sustainably hand made using either locally sourced timber or offcuts from a trusted local timber supplier.  Typical woods include: Oak, Beech, Ash, Iroko and Sapele and, of course, Cedar.

Sold with stainless screws.   We would recommend the hole into the hive is 32mm.  For more advice on installation check out our information page.


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60mm (2.5")


60mm (2.5")


8.5mm (0.34in)


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