Flaming Cauldron


I originally named this ‘the flaming chamber pot’ but T said that it wasn’t a good name and so it became ‘the flaming cauldron bowl’.

Made from UK-sourced Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior) and finished in Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Colours stain and Chestnut Products Wood Wax it was treated to some flames before colouring to raise and texturise the grain.



I’m calling this the Flaming Cauldron, but it could also be the Flamin’ Chamber pot 😉 The grain of the wood is really something special here, and the flamed effect brings out the patterns beautifully. It’s full of fire and life, and a celebration of the tactile nature of wood.

This unique bowl is turned from native UK Ash wood, then scorched to enhance the natural grain, stained with red ‘flame’ wood dye, then gold embellishing wax gives it a shimmer. It’s sealed with high-sheen (clear) wax.

This bowl is hand turned in Bristol and styled with a flared base.

The finish is resistant to finger and water marks. The finish is ‘part 3’ approved, meaning it’s safe as a child’s toy, and therefore suitable as a fruit bowl or other wipe-clean purposes. Use as a place to store your keys so you never lose them, or line with kitchen roll for nibbles when you’ve got friends over. (Yarn pictured not included.)

The bowl is circa 7.9 x 3.5 inches (20 x 9 cm).

Would make an excellent fifth wedding anniversary gift (wood) or birthday present. During this challenging time with covid 19 I can send the bowl directly as a gift from you, complete with gift wrap and card. Just let me know in the comments field.

A unique gift – one of kind. Perfect for the person who loves red and fire!

Additional information


20cm (7.9in)


9cm (3.5in)


Chestnut Products' Wood Wax

Toy Safe


Food Safe





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