Elm Hover Bowl


Inspired by Tanya Faberson from @creekviewwoodshop this is an English Elm bowl with Milliput inlay finished in Chestnut Products Wood Wax.

Elm (Ulmus Procera) heartwood is typically light to medium reddish brown with a well defined paler sapwood. It is currently unlisted on either of the endangered/conservation lists.



This bowl is made of Elm, with a shadow lip at the bottom to make it appear like it’s hovering, just off the table. The small ring is filled with black milliput to give a depth to the shadow.

The wood is golden brown. This bowl is hand turned in Bristol, UK. Modern styled with an almost straight edge and is sealed with high-sheen (clear) wax.

The finish is resistant to finger and water marks. The finish is ‘part 3’ approved, meaning it’s safe as a child’s toy., and therefore suitable as a fruit bowl or other wipe-clean purposes. Use as a place to store your keys so you never lose them, or line with kitchen roll for nibbles when you’ve got friends over.

The bowl is circa 7.5 x 2.4 inches (19 x 6 cm).

Would make an excellent fifth wedding anniversary gift (wood) or birthday present.

A unique gift – one of kind.

Additional information


19cm (7.5in)


6cm (2.4in)


Chestnut Products' Wood Wax

Toy Safe


Food Safe





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