Acacia Intrinsic


The Acacia bowl has been coloured with Hampshire Sheen’s water based Intrinsic Colours and finished in Chestnut Products Wood Wax making a fabulous key or bits bowl.

Acacia is a diverse genus and this could be an example from one of ~30 sub species.



This platter is made of Acacia wood, also known as wattles. Acacia is tree in the that’s part of the pea family and so fixes nitrogen. It’s a species native to Africa and Australia. It’s a smooth, yellow-brown hardwood.

This shallow bowl, or platter is hand turned in Bristol, UK. Modern styled with an almost straight edge and is sealed with high-sheen (clear) wax.

The finish is resistant to finger and water marks. The finish is ‘part 3’ approved, meaning it’s safe as a child’s toy, and therefore suitable as a fruit bowl or other wipe-clean purposes. Use as a place to store your keys so you never lose them, or line with kitchen roll for nibbles when you’ve got friends over. (Keys shown not included!)

The platter is circa 7.9 x 1.2 inches (20 x 3 cm).

Would make an excellent fifth wedding anniversary gift (wood) or birthday present.

A unique gift – one of kind.

Additional information


20cm (7.9in)


3cm (1.2in)


Chestnut Products' Wood Wax

Toy Safe


Food Safe





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