Price Lists

The following items are available subject to availability. All weights in KG

Pork Items

JOINT, STEAK or CUTTypical Pack Size/WeightPRICE
Boned & Rolled Leg Joints0.6 – 1.25£12/kg
Boned & Rolled Shoulder Joints0.6 – 1.25£10/kg
Belly Roast0.60 – 1.25£14/kg
T-Bone Loin Chops (1″ -1.5″ Thick)Packs of 4 x 0.3£3.70 ea.
Diced Leg0.50 – 0.60£6/pk
Minced Pork0.50 – 0.60£6/pk
Sausages (Pork, Black Pepper, Pork & Apple and Red Onion) Pack of 6 (0.68)£7.80/kg
Bacon (Dry Cured, Smoked, Back and Smoked)Pack of 10 Rashers (0.43)£9.99/Kg

Lamb Items

Sorry but all our Lamb is sold until Autumn 2022.

JOINT, STEAK or CUTTypical Pack Size/WeightPrice
“Premium” Carvery Leg Roast1.75 – 2.0 (4-6 Person)£22/kg
Premium Leg Steaks (Chump)Packs 2£12/pk
Mini Leg Joints £22/kg
Victoria Roasts (Boneless Trimmed Shoulder Joint)1.5 – 1.8 (4-6 Person)£22/kg
Mini Roasts (Victoria Roast into 2)1.0 (2-4 Person)£22/kg
Diced Lamb (Remaining Vicky Roast)  0.5£10/pk
Minted CutletsPack 3 or 4£3 ea.
T-Bone ChopsPacks of 2£4 ea.
Lamb Mince0.5£6/pk