Using small CNC and 3D Printers we are now able to offer small scale and one off micro manufacture of items. These can be functional or creative. They can be from your own designs*, designs you have acquired** or drawn up by us.


We are able to use all our machines for Functional Work such as making these BeeSpaceX Portal Entrances for Bee Hives. We predominantly machine in wood although other materials can be cut.


Its also possible to make creative items with our machines such as characters for painting…

* In order to print or machine any file we need to convert it into gCode (a series of instructions that can be followed by the specific machine). In order to do this we need the design file in ideally step, stl or dwg format depending on the intended output.

** There are many free and paid for design files available on the internet and we are very happy to print these for you. However, please ensure that you have the appropriate license for your intended use.