3D Printing and CNC Service

Do you have an idea or design that you would like to see made?

Using small CNC and 3D Printers we are able to offer small scale and one off micro-manufacture of items. These items can be functional or creative. They can be drawn by you, by us or come from one of the many extensive libraries on the web.

We are able to CNC up to 700x700mm which is perfect for custom carvings, bee portals and personalised gifts!

We can 3D Print up to 350x350x400mm (192x120x200mm in Resin) in a number of different materials so whether you are after a mask for the Halloween Party, a custom light enclosure, some name labels or a small table top miniature for painting we have got your covered.

Where can I find designs?

The design to be printed should ideally be provided as a STL, STEP or DWG depending on the intended output. There are many free and paid for design files available on the internet from library sites such as:

We are very happy to print these for you but please ensure that you have the appropriate license for your intended use. If you want to draw your own in CAD then there are a number of software options including Sketch Up, TinkerCAD, Fusion360 and Onshape.

I have my design what next?

Get in touch via the Contact page and we can discuss materials and costs.

Please note:
  1. Soft and Hardwoods can both be CNCed although results vary and are species specific. The choice of wood can be discussed at the time of quoting.
  2. 3D Models can be printed in many materials including PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU and Resin! Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. You can read more about them here. The material choice will be discussed at the time of quoting once the design and context have been provided.
  3. Unless a colour is agreed at the time of ordering any 3d print will be the colour we have in stock – nominally Grey, White, Black.
  4. 3D Prints will be cleaned and cured (if applicable) but may require some small post processing works before painting and use.
  5. Shipping price depends on the size and weight. Postage costs will be listed on the quote.
  6. 3d printed items can be fragile, we are not responsible for replacing items once they have been shipped safely.