Bore Hole Pump

When we moved to our smallholding rainwater harvesting had been the plan – a bungalow provides a lot of roof capture compared to a typical house. However, our research quickly taught us two things. First purification of rainwater …

Woodland Platform

The downside to a wood on a hillside is that there is rarely anywhere level to set up camp. This creates problems ranging from putting a cup down to finding a level place to sit whether it be …

Wheel Rim Fire Pit

We made a niffy fire pit out of an old van wheel rim. This kept the fire off the ground at the wood and meant the rocks around the fire got less hot.

Garage Door Conversion

These are some photos from converting the garage door for my workshop at our old house. In hindsight it was probably over engineered but ‘davis’ style is to build like a battleship. Once the basic stud structure was …

Paint Box Charcoal

For some fun and as an experiment in Bush Craft I made some charcoal in a paint tin. I was using the oil drum design but in a smaller scale. I started with a paint tin and popped …

Up-cycled Water Tank

This old water tank was rescued from an old house undergoing renovation and turned into a really useful store. The doors are made from cedar cladding left over from another job. We now keep our chicken feed in …

Compost Loo

Compost Loo built at local wood using locally sourced wood and recycled pallets.

Pole Barn

This ‘Pole Barn’ was built initially as an outdoor space but eventually became a garden/wood store. It has been clad in self-protecting cedar feather board.

Tree House

We built a tree-house or WOMP (Wildlife Observation & Management Platform) at Bach Wood using timber felled and milled the wood itself, recycled pallets and some coppiced hazel. For safety we did use treated timber for the main …

Fencing & Hedging

A hedge fire had resulted in much damage to the tree line and fences so all this was cleared. A new fence was then built with hedging plants planted.