3D Printing Cheat Sheet

Infill Percentage and Pattern Standard prints: 15-50% Functional prints: 50-100% Figurine and model prints: 0-15% Flexible prints: 1-100% Standard prints: Grid or triangles Functional prints: Cubic, gyroid, or octet Figurine and model prints: Lines Flexible prints: Concentric

Thinker Linear Rails & Direct Drive

So if you have read the previous post Eryone Thinker SE Upgrade Modifications you will know that in addition to changing the motherboard and doing a ground up assault on the Marlin Firmware I also fitted a E3D …

Getting your prints to stick.

Levels, Offset and Adhesion are the three most common words in the world of 3D printing. As a beginner they confuse and frustrate you. Then once you are a master or competent they will continue to surprise you. …

Quail Qams

Hold work pieces securely on your WorkBee.

Eryone Thinker SE Upgrade Modifications

Encouraged by Gary ‘Thinker’ Hall from CaveWorkz I joined the Eryone family just before Christmas. Initially I had been looked at a Prusa i3 printer retailing over £500 but a Black Friday deal with suggestions of possible upgrades …