Bee Vac

Recently I was asked to look at removing some feral bees from the roof of a house in Devon. Always the one to try and be prepared (whether from a childhood in scouting or a history of parents who liked to say “You can’t do that” who knows but I like to be prepared) I decided to make a Bee Vac.

Log Hive

I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a large Chestnut trunk already hollowed with the intention of it becoming a Log Hive for Honey Bees.

Insulated Base – Step by Step Guide

Whether it be a floor, stand or base insulating the underside of a Bee Hive (especially those raised off the ground and/or in exposed or cold locations can be of huge benefit to the Bees (and the Beekeeper).

Honey Press Build

Building a Templeton Slade Honey Press from 20 year old Cherry wood. A privilege not without problems.

National Hives for the 21st Century

Thoughts on improving traditional hives, bringing them closer to natural hives and helping Bees resist the pressures of a 21st century environment.

Insulated National Roof

Insulated roofs are a great way to improve the basic modern hive for the Bees.

Moving Hives – 3 Feet, 3 Miles or 5 Monkeys?

People say if you move your hives 100ft you will get bees back at the old home. Move them 3 miles you don’t. Ok, so where are those bees now – they didn’t suddenly not get lost.

Templeton-Stade Honey Press

Guy Thomspon (a mutual follower on Twitter) asked me if I would be interested in making one of these. Having never seen one before my response was something along the lines of “Interesting, possible, distracting and leave it …

Killer Finishes

Every turner wants the perfect finish on a piece, but I took some time out and looked at the potential pitfalls and liabilities.

Quail Qams

Hold work pieces securely on your WorkBee.