Templeton-Stade Honey Press

Guy Thomspon (a mutual follower on Twitter) asked me if I would be interested in making one of these. Having never seen one before my response was something along the lines of “Interesting, possible, distracting and leave it …

Killer Finishes

Every turner wants the perfect finish on a piece, but I took some time out and looked at the potential pitfalls and liabilities.

3D Printing Cheat Sheet

Infill Percentage and Pattern Standard prints: 15-50% Functional prints: 50-100% Figurine and model prints: 0-15% Flexible prints: 1-100% Standard prints: Grid or triangles Functional prints: Cubic, gyroid, or octet Figurine and model prints: Lines Flexible prints: Concentric

Thinker Linear Rails & Direct Drive

So if you have read the previous post Eryone Thinker SE Upgrade Modifications you will know that in addition to changing the motherboard and doing a ground up assault on the Marlin Firmware I also fitted a E3D …

Getting your prints to stick.

Levels, Offset and Adhesion are the three most common words in the world of 3D printing. As a beginner they confuse and frustrate you. Then once you are a master or competent they will continue to surprise you. …

Quail Qams

Hold work pieces securely on your WorkBee.

Eryone Thinker SE Upgrade Modifications

Encouraged by Gary ‘Thinker’ Hall from CaveWorkz I joined the Eryone family just before Christmas. Initially I had been looked at a Prusa i3 printer retailing over £500 but a Black Friday deal with suggestions of possible upgrades …


Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is a deciduous, broadleaf tree found across European and Western Asia. Often confused with Beech due to the likeness in its leaves – its leaves are smaller with deeper furrows and sawtooth edges as opposed …

Light Up Names

in MDF and using LED Ribbon Lights for Illumination.

Stoves for Woodlands, Bushcraft and Wildcamping.

Originally posted on the Small Woodland Owners Facebook Group (August 2017) Morning all. Continuing the theme of small stove reviews I took some photos of our Ecozoom in action this weekend. Initially when we got our wood we …