Cork Insulated Hives

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Bee Lining Box

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National Brood Box

Enough is enough! I cannot be trawling the web looking for COMPLETE metric national brood box dimensions ever again. If you want to build your own National Brood Box and are looking for brood box dimensions then you …

Bee Vac

Recently I was asked to look at removing some feral bees from the roof of a house in Devon. Always the one to try and be prepared (whether from a childhood in scouting or a history of parents who liked to say “You can’t do that” who knows but I like to be prepared) I decided to make a Bee Vac.

Bait and Bee Catch Box.

Bait and Bee Catch Box Holding Page

Log Hive

I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a large Chestnut trunk already hollowed with the intention of it becoming a Log Hive for Honey Bees.

Insulated Base – Step by Step Guide

Whether it be a floor, stand or base insulating the underside of a Bee Hive (especially those raised off the ground and/or in exposed or cold locations can be of huge benefit to the Bees (and the Beekeeper).

Honey Press Build

Building a Templeton Slade Honey Press from 20 year old Cherry wood. A privilege not without problems.

National Hives for the 21st Century

Thoughts on improving traditional hives, bringing them closer to natural hives and helping Bees resist the pressures of a 21st century environment.

Insulated National Roof

Insulated roofs are a great way to improve the basic modern hive for the Bees.