Fanning in Heatwave 2022

The following video show bees fanning at portals during July 2022. This first video has the original Salbany on the inside of the hive. The shows fanning on the now discontinued Fig 8 designs which placed on the …

High traffic via a SalbanyOS

If you are concerned that by closing down and restricting hive entrances you will slow the access to the hive this video shows how easily Bees pass via the portal and into the tunnel below. This is one …

Cold Sump Floor


H. Bees vs other Pollinators.

There is increasing discussion and awareness of how honey bees impact upon wild pollinators. It was probably brought more into the public eye with the issues in London.

Cork Insulated Hives

This winter I decided to follow in the footsteps of @pguythompson, Joe Ibbertson aka @BizzleBugs and others with an insulated cork hive. I had a swarm from the summer that was seeking a winter/forever home. I had experimented …

Bee Lining Box

Post to follow

National Brood Box

Enough is enough! I cannot be trawling the web looking for COMPLETE metric national brood box dimensions ever again. If you want to build your own National Brood Box and are looking for brood box dimensions then you …

Bee Vac

Recently I was asked to look at removing some feral bees from the roof of a house in Devon. Always the one to try and be prepared (whether from a childhood in scouting or a history of parents who liked to say “You can’t do that” who knows but I like to be prepared) I decided to make a Bee Vac.

Bait and Bee Catch Box.

Bait and Bee Catch Box Holding Page

Log Hive

I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a large Chestnut trunk already hollowed with the intention of it becoming a Log Hive for Honey Bees.