About Our Small Holding.

On our small holding we have 1 dog, 2 adults, a small flock of sheep, some chickens, a few pigs and a unthinkable number of Bees!


We have almost a dozen hives over 3 locations where we try to sail a line between natural and commercial beekeeping. The bees need to pay for themselves through the production of honey and yet we want to do this in the most bee friendly and environmentally considerate way possible.


We currently have four Devon Closewools (elusive to having their photos taken) and a couple of Texel Charollais Cross Ewes that we aim to breed from. They were born in early March 2021. They spend their days foraging around in our field amongst the buttercups and clover looking for the tasty grass. Because our grass is not especially rich during the winter months they get a little breakfast of creep every morning, which they look forward to with much noise! We also have four bottle fed weaners (boys without balls) who will be our meat stock for 2022.


Our herd of pigs are Saddleback Landrace Cross and are free range in our woodland. They spend their days rooting around for grubs and bugs, scritching or relaxing in the shade of a tree. The most fascinating thing about pigs is how intelligent they are. They have a huge range of vocalisations and such intense eyes. We enjoy our short time with our pigs and are always grateful that we can enhance their lives with water, beech nuts, apple bobbing and that this is a much happy existence than 90% of supermarket pork.


Although Avian Flu is presenting a huge challenge to keeping Chickens in a true free range environment we are doing what we can within the rules. Our chickens get as much freedom as we can provide and in return they provide us with many eggs.