Cold Sump Floor

If you are building an insulated hive then a Cold Sump Floor might be the final step to building a true 21st century National Hive. By adding a cold sump to the insulated boxes above you create natural convective currents that bring warm humid air to the bottom of the hive where it naturally cools (only slightly), releases the excess moisture and then moves back up through the hive.

But CONDENSATION I hear you cry. As a fellow beekeeper explained to me – Bees can be wet, they can be cold, but they cannot be wet and cold. By allowing excess moisture to leave the air at the bottom of the hive even if the bees are less than their ideal temperature they are not being dripped on from above due to their insulated roof. You do have an insulated roof don’t you?!

If you are one of those who cracks the lid on your hive to release any excess moisture then remember you are actually just letting all that hard earned warmth out as well.

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