Log Hive

I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a large Chestnut trunk already hollowed with the intention of it becoming a Log Hive for Honey Bees. Here are some photos.

The Outer Lid

Due to a large split on the outer lid I have wrapped some steel wire around it and used a turnbuckle to tighten it up. An offcut of roof underlay is used to keep everything dry.

Making the recesses for the inner lid and bottom cap.

I quickly spun the template on the CNC and then used the 1/2″ router to turn out a 40mm recess.

The Bottom Cap

The cap is made from 4 pieces of Cedar pegged and glued together. A piece of oak holds the cap in place.

The ‘Top Bar’ Dowels

Two sets of top bars made from 10mm dowels have been inserted into the log from the outside. They have had a coating of Bees Wax applied.

The Entrances

The entrances are simple 25mm holes with copper wire passed across the front in a pattern. Currently held with stainless screws a timely reminder from @pguythompson about galvanic charge means I’ll be changing them to Copper nails.

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