Honey Press Build

Finally started the HPB a few days ago cutting the wood into lengths for the 5 large main components. Under the watchful eye of Ada I cut the two sides, ends and the floor from the two long pieces of Wild Cherry I was able to source.

The next step is to flatten all these boards and get them to the end working thickness. At the moment they are pretty curved from 20 drying in a barn. Unfortunately the end width is too wide for my planer/thicknesser so I’m going to have to surface them on the CNC

Its an long messy job. Each board is screwed down so it cannot be lifted by the CNC. Then millimetre by millimetre wood is removed until it is flat. Once one side is done the wood is flipped and the process is repeated.

Annoyingly this method does leave a few cutter waves but I can fix this with sanding later. Once all the boards are flat I’ll decide the final thickness (hopefully it will match the planned 38mm) and then surface everything to that thickness before sanding.

Also another frustration is that due to the heights involved my dust shoe brushes are too long and getting involved in the cutter but without it makes so much mess so before I continue I want to print a duct for the extractor pipe to hopefully grab a little more chip.

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